New Alpha Combat Demo Out!

Thanks for checking out our Teaser demo over the last few months! We are ecstatic that the feedback has been mostly positive. What we have just uploaded now is a copy of our alpha combat test demo. Please give it a look and let us know what you think of it!

This is still work in progress so there may be some issues still needing an ironing out, but otherwise have fun!


  • A & D to move left and right
  • S to fall faster. Hold S and press jump to drop down platforms.
  • Q to switch weapons
  • Space to jump
  • Shift to roll
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left mouse click to shoot


  • Left thumbstick to move left and right
  • Left thumbstick down to fall faster. Hold the thumbstick down and press jump to drop down platforms.
  • A (bottom button) or left tab to jump
  • B (right button) or left trigger to roll
  • Y (top button) or right tab to switch weapons
  • Right thumbstick to aim
  • Right trigger to shoot


Rose& 97 MB
May 21, 2020

Get Rose & Locket - Alpha Demo


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love the cinematic animated comic style story. (its a pretty cool way to do a tutorial.) though game play could be improved. 

attacks could be telegraphed better. ( have a small animation that plays before the swords move, that way you know what sword is about to move and making it easier to escape its path )
usually you would want to keep all attacks of a certain type the same, so to me the attack with the shock-wave feels a bit out of place.  personally i would replace it with a stomp animation for the enemy. (make it big and telegraphed so its easy to read and avoid)

since attacks would be easier to dodge you can decrease the amount of health the player has (which will make attacks feel like they actually hurt, combined with shaders and/or animations to emphasise the impacts of hits will improve the feel of combat).

Thanks for checking out the game and the feedback! You made some good points about telegraphing and attack types. We will definitely take this on board as we build up the game. 

glad i could help