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Rose & Locket is an action-adventure journey set in the Wild West. Follow Rose as she ventures into the Underworld to free the trapped spirit of her daughter.

Cinematic moments accompanied by sprawling landscapes and intense action combat.

Enter into the Underwest and take up the once-forgotten skills of the gunslinger.

Early teaser demo showing work from the alpha build of Rose & Locket by Whistling Wizard. All content shown is subject to change. Mouse/Keyboard and Gamepad compatible. Optimized for 16:9 ratio resolution.


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Rose&Locket_TeaserDemo.zip 86 MB
Rose&Locket_CombatBuild.zip 97 MB

Development log


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Just found out about this game just now. Oh man love this game! The visuals are amazing especially the intro sequence where the aspect ratio changes into a cinematic look. The ghost samurai boss looks pretty badass too.

One thing if I may add, the cross hair doesn't stand out too much against the background, or at least in the boss area and combat build. There were moments when I wasn't sure where I was aiming even with the Rose's hand pointing in that direction.


Hi, Graphically it looks sick! Very nice graphics, ambientation and history. It makes me remember Guacamelee. Keep doing! 


Gave it a go...

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This looks really amazing! I love the style...damn those characters look cool! Can't wait to see more! Are you guys working on the music by yourselves as well? 

Thank you so much :) We are doing the music ourselves, yes.


Votre travail est fantastique continuer


Short but sweet. It looks very promising.


Though a short demo for now, Rose & Locket gives a good show of what to expect in the future and is oozing with both style and potential. The comic style cinematics paired with the single color per screen theme are some interesting choices that caught my eye, and the audio is pretty great as well. 

Good job, devs. I'm curious to see how it turns out.

Thank you for checking the game out and doing a recording of it!


What an atmosphere! Amazing scenery and choice of colors. I hope to see the full release soon!

Thank you so much Shommyx! I'm glad you like it :)


Loving this game so much!


Very cool. Loving the art style and movement so far, like Shovel Knight crossed with Guacamelee.

really wish you could jump and roll with the shoulder buttons. I want to be able to keep shooting and aiming but I don't want to use a claw grip.

That said, the shooting itself is nice, really punchy. I wish the crosshair were a little more visible, the screen gets kinda busy with the vapor trails and enemy hit effects. Not too busy, but it kinda obscures the crosshair.


Thanks for checking out the game and for the tips. It makes sense to have those actions on the shoulders, good catch.  We'll put some more emphasis on the cross-hair pointer for controller too.

I just finished checking out your game (Vapor Trails) too! I really like what you've got so far. You've got a great aesthetic going.

The demo has been updated to fix gamepad/keyboard problems and add windowed mode support. Let us know if these fixes worked for you, or if there are any other issues you're experiencing :)


Awesome art! I love it =)


COOL ! The tutorial/cut scene is great :D
I am curious and looking forward for the full stuff !


WOW. What an incredible intro. You guys never cease to amaze


After months of looking at the artworks and overall devlopment on your instagram and now finally getting a taste of it? I'm not dissapointed! Very promising indeed! I'ts very atmospheric and immersive. 

Although, I don't know if its just me, but during the tutorial I was using my keyboard but it instruction is given for those using the gamepad or somesort of controller so I had to click a few buttons to get it. Then again it wasn't hard to navigate. 

Can't wait for the final game! 



I had a similar issue. I could not get the character to move with the thumbstick as it instructed. I ended up hitting using the keyboard. but once I got to the fight suddenly I could use my controller and the keyboard stopped working.

Thanks for bringing the gamepad issue to our attention! I believe I know what the issue is, so I'll work on a fix for that. Thanks again!


Very promising! This game clearly has a real sense of style and a beautiful aesthetic. This demo gives a nice little slice of the action in store. It also teases a cool narrative involving a mother-daughter dynamic and an exotically imagined gun-slinging theme, making for a novel spin on the classic rescue-from-the-underworld mythological trope.

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